Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 7/23/2020

  • In an interview with Sean Hannity, Trump once again accused Biden, Obama, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and John Brennan of TREASON for “spying” on his campaign. No one spied on the Trump campaign. His campaign was investigated which is exactly what he wants done to Joe Biden. The president accusing his predecessor of treason would normally be a massive news story, but it will barely be mentioned since the president is Donald Trump. Also in this interview the president mentioned how we are keeping the oil from countries we invade in the Middle East. This is explicitly a war crime which would violate multiple international treaties, include the Geneva Convention. Luckily, the president is lying. Despite being a war crime, the president has been advocating taking oil from invaded countries for at least five years. They also discussed the benefits of Hydroxychloroquine in treating Covid-19 despite the complete lack of evidence this works. Trump once again mentioned how well the border wall has been at stopping Mexicans from bringing the coronavirus into the United States. Mexico has done better than the US in containing the virus and at least one Mexican border state has banned Americans from entering because of the virus. Trump mentioned Portland mayor Ted Wheeler “getting the hell knocked out of him” as Wheeler was attacked by federal agents last night while meeting with protesters. The president got his name wrong. (Not providing a link here as I took my own notes)
  • I meant to mention this in the last update, but the president was asked about the arrest of his friend Ghislaine Maxwell who was instrumental in setting up Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring which enabled the rape of dozens of girls. The president said he wished her well.
  • Trump promoted an article about how Biden is going to destroy the suburbs. One of the explicit examples given in the article is that more minorities will be able to move to them. A reminder that Trump was twice caught by the government refusing to rent properties to black tenants. The article is addressed to suburban women. Trump changed that to “suburban housewives” which is in line with his previously stated view that “putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing.” (Yes, that is an exact quote.)
  • CDC had prepared a set of guidelines regarding reopening schools. The president, who has no scientific background whatsoever, felt they were too restrictive and said they needed to be relaxed. The CDC obliged. New guidelines have been issued with a focus that’s nearly entirely on reopening schools with next to no detail on how that should be done. In several areas where guidance would be helpful, the CDC simply suggests that schools make their own plans – what to do about an infection, who should be quarantined, physical distances, etc… Of note, the federal government is currently saying local authorities cannot handle graffiti and a federal response is required while simultaneously saying that schools should deal with a nationwide pandemic on their own. All of this comes on the day the president announced there will be no in-person GOP convention this year as it’s too dangerous. It is too dangerous for Republican delegates to meet for a weekend, but it isn’t too dangerous to push teachers to go back to work for months.


Trump Daily 6/22/2020

  • Jerry Nadler is subpoenaing AG Barr over the firing of interim SDNY prosecutor Geoffrey Berman, who was overseeing multiple investigations into Donald Trump, his businesses, and his allies. Barr might decide to simply not show, starting another legal showdown between the House and the White House.
  • The president said foreign countries will be printing mail-in ballots during the election to rig it against him. Mail ballots are incredibly secure – printed on special paper, barcoded, and signature matched to registration rolls. In addition to matching all of this, a foreign country would have to make sure they were only submitting fraudulent ballots for people who are registered to vote but did not vote. Trump is lying. He also said in an interview tonight that people would rob mailmen for ballots. This has never happened. It will not happen this year.
  • In a separate interview, Trump accused Barack Obama of treason. Obama joins the pantheon of people Trump has said are traitors including Robert Mueller, Mueller’s investigators, Democrats as a whole, James Comey, Susan Rice, Adam Schiff, White House leakers, Chelsea Manning, Charles Krauthammer, the execs at Univision, the execs at Macy’s, Republicans who didn’t vote for him, James Clapper, John Brennan, Google (yes, just “Google), the New York Times, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, and people who did not clap at his first State of the Union address. (He really said that.) Needless to say, treason is an extremely narrowly defined crime and none of the above have committed it.