Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 2/19/2020

Sorry for the late update. It’s been a slower news cycle than normal re: the president.

  • The Pentagon has announced they will not be investigating Lt. Col. Vindman as the president wanted them to do. This is likely because he didn’t do anything wrong.
  • Trump granted clemency through pardons or commutations to eleven people this week. Aside from two drug convictions, these were all people convicted of corruption, bribery, or fraud. Several of them have direct ties to Trump or his associates. Of particular note is ex-governor Rod Blagojevich who went to prison after attempting to sell the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama. The president said Blagojevich went to prison “over a phone call where nothing happens.” This echoes Trump’s claims that he was impeached over a “perfect call.” That phone call caught the governor talking about the need to solicit something of value to him in exchange for Obama’s seat.
  • No nominee was named to the post of Director of National Intelligence since Dan Coats resigned in August. Since then we have had an acting DNI with a time limit on his tenure. That limit is now up. Trump has used acting directors for several key positions as a way to avoid the Senate confirmation process. This is a blatant abuse to skirt the law, but the Republicans in the Senate allow it to continue. Our new acting DNI will be Richard Grenell. There are several controversies attached to Grenell, but what jumps out here is that Grenell has ZERO intelligence experience. He is not resigning his ambassadorship so he will be the full time ambassador to Germany while he simultaneously oversees SEVENTEEN US intelligence agencies. Lev Parnas has publicly stated Grenell agreed to let Dmitry Firtash know if the US planned to extradite him for trial in the US.
  • In a private speech, Mick Mulvaney was recorded saying Republicans only care about deficits when Democrats hold the White House. He lied and said Democrats didn’t subpoena Rudy Giuliani. They did. Giuliani ignored it. He spoke several times about the fictitious “deep state” and lamented that it wasn’t easier to fire career employees who do not share the president’s agenda. He said he hoped the Trump admin is known for proving that supply side economics work. The Republican form of supply side economics has been repeatedly disproven for decades.

Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 10/17/19 – short update today

  • Mulvaney said this morning that aid to Ukraine was tied to their investigating the DNC server / 2016 election interference. This is the same baseless conspiracy theory Trump brought up in his call to Ukraine. Essentially, it is a fabrication to show Russia didn’t hack the DNC at all. Mulvaney issued a statement later saying the press was misconstruing what he had said. They were not.
  • Mulvaney announced the next G7 will be held at Trump’s failing Doral resort. This is another in a long line of examples where Trump funnels taxpayer money and foreign government money into his private businesses.
  • I did not see Trump’s Dallas rally but caught this one comment I wanted to include. He said it was good to let Turkey attack the Kurds, like children fighting. Children are now dead and 200,000 – 300,000 Kurds have been displaced in Northern Syria.
  • The US announced a ceasefire which the president hailed as a huge negotiating victory. Turkey almost immediately pointed out it was not a ceasefire at all. The US capitulated to every demand Turkey made while receiving nothing at all in return. Turkey will take over Kurdish territory then if they are still present after 5 days, kill them. Turkey reserved the right to combat terrorist groups, which it considers the Kurds anyway.