Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 6/25/2020

  • By a 2-1 vote, a federal appeals court has ruled Michael Flynn’s conviction should be thrown out. The presiding judge has put a stay on the order and will almost certainly request an en banc hearing from the entire appeals court, rather than the three judge panel. Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his phone calls with Russian ambassador Kislyak in which Flynn asked the Russians to not retaliate over Obama’s sanctions as Trump would be trying to undo them when he took office. Those who agreed at the time Flynn lied to the FBI include Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Michael Flynn.
  • In a large release of emails secured by Jason Leopold of Buzzfeed, the Department of Justice was extensively coordinating with Fox News on stories and TV appearances. This included instructing anchors on what questions to ask on air and pointing out tweets they wanted covered to producers. No, things do not normally operate this way.
Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 6/23/2020

Update: I wrote yesterday about Gabriel Sherman reporting that Brad Parscale was leaving the Trump campaign. Multiple reporters tonight are reporting there is no evidence of this.

The president continues to claim that the rising number of US Covid-19 cases is due to increased testing. This is a lie. As White House staff scrambled to say he was “just kidding” when he said he ordered testing to slow down, the president today said, “I don’t kid.” Kayleigh McEnany then said he was using sarcasm, but not kidding. I will continue to point out that Trump publicly and openly said he didn’t want a cruise ship carrying infected Americans to dock in the US because it would make the numbers go up and make him look bad. He does not care about how many people contract or die from the disease. He only cares about how it makes him look. The Trump administration is currently looking to end federal funding for testing sites in some of the worst-hit states.

At a rally tonight, the president twice used “Kung Flu” to refer to Covid-19. In March, Weijia Jiang said a White House staffer used the term in front of her. Kellyanne Conway scoffed at the idea anyone in the White House would say such a thing and said it was a “very offensive” term. The president has now used it publicly three times.

Members of the Trump family are seeking a TRO against Mary Trump who is publishing a book about her uncle Donald. Mary Trump was a primary source on the New York Times piece detailing fraudulent and illegal business activities from Donald Trump.

In an often repeated lie, Trump says that 1.5 million people voted illegally in California in 2016. He also went on a rant about mail-in voting repeating his baseless claims that foreign countries will file ballots and people in the streets will be robbing postal carriers. Several members of the Trump administration have frequently voted by mail including but not limited to Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Bill Barr, Kayleigh McEnany, and Mike Pence.

Trump Jr. tonight repeated his lie that Joe Biden is a pedophile.

Aaron Zelinsky was a prosecutor on the Roger Stone case before being forced out by the Department of Justice. Tomorrow, he will be testifying in the House that the pressure to alter the government’s sentencing recommendation was solely due to political pressure and Trump’s relationship with Stone. Another whistleblower, John Elias, will be testifying that the DoJ investigation of companies in the marijuana industry was driven by AG Barr’s animus towards the industry. Elias will also be testifying that the antitrust investigation into California automakers came about as a response to Trump tweeting his disdain for their emissions standards.