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Trump Daily 9/12/2020 – Woodward Again

When Bob Woodward published his first book on the incompetence of Donald Trump, the president was upset his staff kept him from being interviewed as he thought he would come across very well had Woodward spoken to him. For the soon-to-be-published second book, Woodward interviewed Trump 17 times and recorded the conversations. In early February, Trump told Woodward the coronavirus was more deadly than the flu and that he wanted to publicly downplay the risk posed by the pandemic. Trump lied to the public about the dangers of the virus and the White House is now spinning this as preventing panic, with Trump comparing himself to Winston Churchill during WW2. (Churchill notably never lied about the Nazi threat.) The book has several other more minor revelations – that DNI Coats warned Trump Devin Nunes was feeding him disinformation and that “his generals” were “pussies” for caring more about American alliances than trade deals.

In a series of court losses, a court is blocking the Trump administration’s efforts to end census collection efforts earlier than scheduled while a different court is blocking Trump’s effort to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census.

The Department of Justice is seeking to take over Trump’s defense in E. Jean Carroll’s defamation suit against Trump. Carroll is suing the president for calling her a liar when she said he raped her. This echoes the civil suit brought by Summer Zervos against Trump. DoJ is arguing that Trump was acting in his official capacity as president when he said Carroll was “not my type.” (This is absurd.) The express purpose of DoJ taking over the case is to have it dismissed due to sovereign immunity. You may sue Donald Trump for defamation, but not the US government. In summation, the federal government is trying to protect the president in a case hinging on whether or not he raped a woman.

A DHS whistleblower has filed a complaint alleging they were ordered to suppress or change intelligence regarding Russian election interference in order to avoid making the president look bad. Additionally, they say then DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen repeatedly lied about terrorists apprehended at the border while Ken Cuccinelli had them alter data on Central American countries to make them appear safe so as to avoid awarding asylum status to immigrants from those countries. Both Cuccinelli and Chad Wolf had them alter data to downplay the threat of white supremacist groups while inflating the danger from left wing groups such as antifa. Along these lines, Miles Taylor, an ex-DHS official, says that after a top intelligence official testified that Russia had worked to help elect Trump, Trump tried to have that official fired.

Michael Caputo is a Twitter troll who previously worked for The Kremlin and then a Russian PR firm where he worked on improving Putin’s image. He makes a short appearance in the Mueller report, arranging a meeting between Roger Stone and a man promising dirt on Hillary Clinton. In short, Caputo is shady as hell. He’s now the Public Affairs Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services. Not only has Caputo been trying to muffle Dr. Anthony Fauci, but he has been directing the alteration of CDC data on the virus in order to support the president. The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports have had an impeccable reputation for accuracy until now. The Trump administration is now changing scientific reports in order to downplay the threat of the pandemic.

The US Treasury Department announced sanctions against Ukrainian Andriy Derkach for his interference in the election. Derkach is the primary source for Senator Ron Johnson’s sham investigation into the company Hunter Biden worked for and met with Rudy Giulani about the Bidens. Derkach is a key element in Putin’s disinformation campaign.

The third-party judge appointed in the Michael Flynn case to render an opinion on how to move forward has done so. Judge John Gleeson determined that the Department of Justice effort to have the Flynn cased dismissed is not only full of error, but nothing more than a pressure campaign from the government to help the president. He openly called AG Barr’s efforts to dismiss the case corrupt.

Colorado, just tonight, won a restraining order against the US Postal Service. The USPS is sending out postcards to every home and PO Box in the nation with instructions on voting by mail. But they’re sending the SAME instructions to every state despite a wide variance in the process. While the cards are accurate in some states, they are incredibly wrong in several states. The cards contain instructions on how to request a mail ballot – which isn’t even possible in every state. Several Secretaries of State asked Postmaster Dejoy to review the cards before mailing. He refused and now the Postal Service is sending incorrect voting information to millions of voters.

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Trump Daily 8/4/2020

  • Trump today again spoke about how horrible mail-in voting is, except in Florida where it’s fine because not many people qualify for it. This is a lie. Any registered voter in Florida can receive a mail-in ballot. Florida just happens to be a swing state Trump has to win to retain office.

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Trump Daily 7/8/2020


Trump Daily 7/5/2020

  • Last summer, the president tweeted out that Hurricane Dorian was threatening to strike Alabama. It was not. As Trump is incapable of admitting the simplest of errors, he infamously took a projection map drew his own line including Alabama on the map in Sharpie. The National Weather Service issued a statement that Alabama was not in danger, but they were quickly overruled by acting head of the NOAA. The Commerce Department is now blocking the release of a report into whether the statements supporting Trump’s assessment of the hurricane were coerced. Apparently information about the path of a hurricane “cannot be made public.”
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Trump Daily 2/19/2020

Sorry for the late update. It’s been a slower news cycle than normal re: the president.

  • The Pentagon has announced they will not be investigating Lt. Col. Vindman as the president wanted them to do. This is likely because he didn’t do anything wrong.
  • Trump granted clemency through pardons or commutations to eleven people this week. Aside from two drug convictions, these were all people convicted of corruption, bribery, or fraud. Several of them have direct ties to Trump or his associates. Of particular note is ex-governor Rod Blagojevich who went to prison after attempting to sell the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama. The president said Blagojevich went to prison “over a phone call where nothing happens.” This echoes Trump’s claims that he was impeached over a “perfect call.” That phone call caught the governor talking about the need to solicit something of value to him in exchange for Obama’s seat.
  • No nominee was named to the post of Director of National Intelligence since Dan Coats resigned in August. Since then we have had an acting DNI with a time limit on his tenure. That limit is now up. Trump has used acting directors for several key positions as a way to avoid the Senate confirmation process. This is a blatant abuse to skirt the law, but the Republicans in the Senate allow it to continue. Our new acting DNI will be Richard Grenell. There are several controversies attached to Grenell, but what jumps out here is that Grenell has ZERO intelligence experience. He is not resigning his ambassadorship so he will be the full time ambassador to Germany while he simultaneously oversees SEVENTEEN US intelligence agencies. Lev Parnas has publicly stated Grenell agreed to let Dmitry Firtash know if the US planned to extradite him for trial in the US.
  • In a private speech, Mick Mulvaney was recorded saying Republicans only care about deficits when Democrats hold the White House. He lied and said Democrats didn’t subpoena Rudy Giuliani. They did. Giuliani ignored it. He spoke several times about the fictitious “deep state” and lamented that it wasn’t easier to fire career employees who do not share the president’s agenda. He said he hoped the Trump admin is known for proving that supply side economics work. The Republican form of supply side economics has been repeatedly disproven for decades.