Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 9/5/2020 – Weekend Catch-up

  • The president posted statistics from a Qanon supporter about Covid-19 not being nearly as much of a threat because most people who die from Covid-19 have other causes of death listed. Twitter took the Tweet down. This has become a common talking point of the right. It’s true that few death certificates list only Covid-19 as the cause of death. But that’s normal. Most death certificates list multiple causes. Aside from common comorbidities, often someone who dies from Covid-19 will have ailments CAUSED by the virus listed on their death certificate. It’s common for a death certificate to list both Covid-19 and ARDS. ARDS is the respiratory disorder caused by Covid-19.

Trump Daily 3/13/2020

  • When Trump announced that flights from Europe were being suspended (which wasn’t true), not only did we fail to inform any European countries, but we also didn’t tell our own diplomatic staff. The embassies were scrambling to find out what was happening for hours with no guidance from the State Department.
  • The president said that a canceled fundraiser for Cory Gardner would be moved to the White House. This is illegal. The Gardner campaign had to clarify that the event was not a fundraiser.
  • In both a tweet and during today’s press conference, Trump blamed Obama for the slow testing rollout. This is a lie he’s repeated several times.
  • Matt Schlapp, who runs the CPAC conference where several congressman came into contact with someone infected with the coronavirus, said that 2,000 screenings were done on attendees at the hotel. According to the hotel and the health department, he is lying and the actual number is zero. Schlapp’s only response to the story is to call it “fake news.”
  • During today’s press conference, Trump announced Google was building a nationwide website for screening the coronavirus with 1700 engineers working on it. He said it would be available soon. He lied. The website will be for Bay Area residents only and doesn’t have nearly that many staff working on it. Google (or rather the Google sister company working on it) was not informed he would be making this announcement and almost immediately corrected the president.
  • The White House sent signed copies of today’s DOW performance to several conservative members of the media to highlight the market rising during today’s press conference. They scheduled everything so the CEOs he invited would be speaking until the markets closed. Trump started taking questions after his answers could no longer affect the market.
  • During that press conference, Trump said he closed the border with Europe “a while ago.” It hasn’t taken effect yet. When a reporter, Yamiche Alcindor, asked him about closing down the pandemic task force which should be overseeing our actions right now, Trump said it was a “nasty question” then said he didn’t know anything about it and didn’t think he’d done it. He has taken credit for it in the past.