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Trump Daily 11/27/2020

This week the head of the GSA finally agreed that Biden is the apparent winner and initiated the actual transition process. Several media outlets, including reporters at major national publications, mistakenly characterized this as Trump accepting he’d lost the election. This is not what happened nor is it why Emily Murphy finally began the transition process. Trump is still, multiple times a day, claiming he won the election by a huge amount. The reason Murphy recognized Biden’s win is Congress. She was asked to appear before the House on Monday to address why she had not begun the transition process. She replied that they could instead speak to her deputy a week later. House leaders immediately responded to her with a thinly veiled threat of subpoena. After receiving the letter, Murphy published her own which opened the transition infrastructure to Biden.

Trump continues to assault the integrity of the election and continues to be rebuffed by the courts. They have now lost 39 lawsuits attempting to overturn the election and are now pleading with state legislatures directly to ignore the vote and appoint Trump electors. This is explicitly illegal. On Wednesday Trump called into a “hearing” in Pennsylvania about the same debunked fraud claims Giuliani has been pressing for weeks. This was not a hearing in any legal sense of the word. A handful of rogue PA state legislators had a press event in a hotel without any legal force behind it. This was not sanctioned by any government. No Democrats were included. This was merely a publicity stunt, not a government hearing.

Kash Patel has been placed in charge of the transition for the entire Department of Defense. Patel is a former Devin Nunes aid and was instrumental in pushing the conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden and Ukraine. Patel has been working at the Pentagon for 17 days. With less than three weeks of experience, he is the point person for moving the Pentagon to Biden’s control. This is a blatant attempt to make the transition as difficult as possible.

The president this week called the press corps into the briefing room where he spoke for just over a minute to notify them the Dow had broken 30,000., which he said was a “sacred number.” He made no other comments and took no questions. There’s been a rising movement in economics for some time now to stress that the Dow is not a particularly useful metric for measuring the health of the economy. 50% of the country own no stock whatsoever and 90% of the market is owned by the wealthiest ~10% of the country. This year has been an excellent illustration of the Dow’s divorce from the average American. As wealthy Americans have actually gained a great deal of wealth through 2020, food insecurity is at its highest level since the metric was first measured and food banks are seeing record demand and massive lines. At the end of December, several safeguards protecting the poor during the pandemic are going to expire. The federal eviction moratorium and student loan freeze will disappear. Most people receiving state unemployment payments will cease to receive them beginning December 26th. This could have a disastrous effect if the Senate does not take action.

Asked about whether he would leave the White House in January, amid his comments that he actually won the election, Trump exploded at CNN reporter Jeff Mason saying “don’t ever talk to the president that way” in response to a normal question. Like most other countries, Americans are allowed to speak to the president in whatever way they’d like.


Trump Daily – Election Week Three

For months before the election, pundits predicted there was no way Trump would concede and the constant rhetoric about mail-in ballots leading to massive fraud would serve as an excuse for him to not accept the results and to delay starting the transition.

And here we are.

Trump has posted dozens of conspiracy theories, flagged by Twitter, all of which are completely devoid of factual basis. Biden has a large margin in the Electoral College and won several swing states by huge numbers. In order for Trump to win, literally hundreds of thousands of ballots would need to be fraudulent.

So that’s exactly what the president is claiming.

This is of course, bullshit. So far there have been fewer than 5 cases of attempted voter fraud and zero cases of a fraudulent ballot being cast.

Trump has now lost or withdrawn THIRTY FOUR court cases over the election. As each argument has been swatted down, they’ve simply predictably moved on to the next.

Initially the suits focused on issues with the counting process itself. They solicited 234 pages of affidavits which included such egregious issues of poll workers being rude, a pollworker being large which was intimidated (yes, really), and someone saying it was suspicious that people in the military were voting for Biden. Needless to say, this was tossed out.

Once it became obvious they were losing every single lawsuit over the counting process, they pivoted to the next step – asking the courts and legislatures to just ignore the vote entirely. In multiple states, the Trump campaign has asked the courts to simply ignore the ballots entirely and declare Trump a winner. Trump is directly intervening to stop the certification of results so that sympathetic legislatures can declare him the victor. In Wayne County, Michigan, where Detroit is located. The two Republicans on the canvassing board said they would not vote to certify the results. They went so far as to say they’d certify the results in the cities outside of Detroit – which happen to be overwhelmingly white whereas Detroit has a huge black population. It turns out one of these board members for over a decade has been posting conspiracy theories about Democrats and racist memes about Obama. After a large public outcry, the Wayne County board voted to certify the results.

Then Donald Trump personally called them. After which both Republicans published affidavits saying they were forced to vote to certify the results and they wanted to “rescind” their certifications. Luckily, that isn’t a thing and there is no mechanism for them to change their votes. But to underline the danger here, the president is directly intervening with local officials pleading with them to reverse an election he decisively lost.

As Trump openly asks the Michigan legislature to simply ignore the election and appoint electors who will name him president, Trump reached out to two state Republican leaders and invited them to the White House. They discussed the election there. Both men, Lee Chatfield and Jim Lilly spent the night in DC after the meeting. They of course stayed at the Trump Hotel. Michigan taxpayers paid for their representatives to patronize the president’s private business as he was asking them to instigate a coup in his favor.

Conspiracy theorist lawyer Sidney Powell has joined Trump’s legal team after an exodus of more legitimate lawyers. She is claiming that a software company has flipped hundreds of thousands of votes nationwide. Recounts have compared paper results to the computer tallies. This is an insane lie. She’s blamed Hugo Chavez, who died 7 years ago, in part for this process. Why? The partial owner of one voting machine company is a Venezuelan immigrant. As part of this conspiracy theory, she says the US military has seized a computer server from a voting company in Germany that proves massive fraud nationwide. She has presented no evidence of this and there are the slight problems that we don’t send election data overseas, the company in question does not have any offices in Germany, and the US military does not conduct police raids in foreign countries we aren’t hostile towards.

This is not the fringe babbling of a crackpot. This is the president’s lawyer. The Republican Party itself sent out the video of her making these claims on their own social media.

The head of the GSA, the organization which kickstarts the transition process, is refusing to name Biden the apparent winner. Until she does so, he cannot access ANY government resources including information about the pandemic and the disease. She’s a Trump loyalist. One of her first official acts was to look into the conflict of Trump renting the building for his DC hotel from the government while also overseeing this government. This was explicitly forbidden by the lease. She resolved the conflict by declaring there wasn’t a conflict.

Meanwhile, Trump has ceased doing the job of the president other than a mass number of firings. He’s spent every weekend since the election golfing. This morning, the heads of the G-20 states held a Zoom meeting about the global pandemic response. Donald Trump skipped it to golf.

Four of the top Pentagon officials, including the Secretary of Defense, have been replaced with Trump loyalists. A court ruled that Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf’s appointment was illegal and therefore his orders were invalid. Trump has addressed this by appointing a new head of DHS for an afternoon, assigning Wolf to a new role, and then removing the temporary Secretary to re-appoint Wolf to the role. This, like so many other Trump actions, is an end-around to avoid seeking the required Senate confirmation for his subordinates. This will absolutely be challenged in court, but the point here isn’t validity – it’s simply chaos. The head of the DHS cybersecurity division which oversaw election security publicly stated that the election was secure, free of direct interference, and that no votes were electronically changed. In short, all of the president’s conspiracies about winning by a landslide were lies. He was repaid by getting fired, along with one of his deputies.

This isn’t limited to Trump. Lindsay Graham has called multiple Secretaries of State and in the case of Georgia’s, pressured him to throw out ballots which would swing the election to Trump there. (Georgia has since certified the election for Biden. So far, none of these efforts have succeeded.)

Trump is going to do as much damage to the country as he possibly can before leaving office and for the same reason he ran in the first place – spite.

And as he does this, elected Republicans simply stand by and watch. They are fine with burning the system to the ground. They are fine with the mass numbers of dead from the virus. And all of this because they know how unpopular their actual stances are and they think the chaos will help them retain power. None of this for them is about the 2016 election. This is a dry run for future elections. They are seeing what their supporters will go along with as far as fraudulently reversing elections they lose.

And the answer is anything at all.


The Election and Moving Forward

In 2018 on election night, a narrative emerged that the Democrats had underperformed and the “blue wave” so many had predicted had never materialized. This was despite warnings that the final count would take days to finish.

In the end the Democrats gained 41 seats, a massive shift in The House. The predictions were correct – the Democrats won in a landslide.

We’re in the middle of that process right now regarding Joe Biden. Pundits warned that states like PA would count Biden-heavy mail/early ballots last which would cause a huge apparent shift from Trump to Biden in the days after the election. And that’s what we’re seeing.

Trump won 306 electoral votes in 2016. He called this a massive landslide. Republicans said this was a mandate from the people, despite the large popular vote gap.

Biden is tracking to win 306 electoral votes as well and may win the popular vote by the largest margin in history – over 7 million people. There are a lot of issues apparent from election night the Democrats need to work on (I’ll get to that later). But Biden’s victory is huge.

This was not the repudiation of Trumpism many of us hoped for but it was still a great accomplishment. You can breathe slightly easier for now.

As for this blog, the news about Trump is not slowing down especially as he’s openly contesting the election. I am going to continue documenting his malfeasance.

If you’re a Patreon subscriber and ready to tune all of this out, I do not blame you and thank you for your support through this endeavor. For those who want to, I am keeping the Patreon active until Biden’s inauguration. After that I’ll be shutting down donations.

If the news cycle on Trump continues past that, especially regarding investigations or criminal actions, I will continue writing about it for as long as it lasts.

Thank you to everyone for reading over these past five years. I know I’ve directly impacted the vote of some of you. You were seen. And you’ve perhaps made a bit of a dent in my Imposter Syndrome.

Thank you and I’ll be back to normal updates this week.


What to Expect on Election Night or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Board

After four grueling years of chaos, we are nearly there – the beginning of the end. As journalists everywhere have tried to prepare people for NOT knowing who won on election night, the president has insisted the winner must be declared Tuesday night and even said that judges need to stop states from counting past election night. The latter is blatantly illegal and almost nothing has been discussed about it because the bar for this president’s criminality is so incredibly low.

Aside from the strictly illegal nature of the president’s comment, the problem is that states NEVER certify their results on election night. Media outlets predict how states will certify their votes. President Trump does not understand the difference. With the increased number of mailed ballots and early voting prompted by the pandemic, an unprecedented number of people will have voted before election day. Some states count these votes early. Some states do not count them until after election day.

If you want to skip to the conclusion, there are too many factors at play to know if we can declare a winner on election night. But I think it’s more likely than not. The prevailing wisdom that mail-in ballots will cause a lag doesn’t hold up when you look at the states in question.

Everything here is sourced either from my personal knowledge or two New York Times articles: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/10/13/us/politics/when-votes-counted.html and https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/10/27/upshot/election-results-timing.html

I’m going to look at 538 and what they say are the 9 closest races. These are the ones to watch on Tuesday: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania. Combined, these states are worth a whopping 153 electoral votes.

Arizona started counting their early ballots on Oct. 7. We should have a good idea who wins on election night.

Florida, despite the reputation from the 2000 election, counts their early ballots as received. Unless Florida is extremely close, we will probably know who won on election night. If Biden wins Florida, it’s over. Trump will not win the election without it.

Georgia processes early ballots when received. We’ll know what happens in Georgia on election night.

Iowa processes early ballots beginning on Halloween. It’s likely we know what happens here but that might be delayed if their initial count takes a few days.

Nevada counts their ballots as received. We’re going to know on election night.

North Carolina doesn’t tally early ballots until election night but has them processed and ready to go. It’s likely we know on election night.

Ohio is an odd duck. They will release numbers for early ballots and everything they can count on election day. After that however they provide NO updates until November 28th. This is another state Trump must win. If Biden takes it, it’s unlikely Trump has a path to re-election. The state is a coin flip according to 538 right now. A nightmare scenario is neither candidate having the votes to win without Ohio and Ohio being too close to call until they certify. That means waiting almost FOUR WEEKS to find out who won. While I don’t think this will happen, it’s a scenario people should be ready for.

Pennsylvania CANNOT count early votes until the polls close. Their secretary of state expects most of their votes will be counted on election night, but this is another possible problem area.

Texas processes early ballots as they arrive but does not begin tabulating them until this weekend. I think it’s likely we know Texas on election night but this is another state which could take a while if the race is close. Needless to say, Trump cannot lose Texas. In fact if every state remains the same as it did in 2016 but Texas flips, Biden wins.

I want to note there are states which we KNOW will take weeks to finish counting – Alaska and California for example. They aren’t going to figure into the presidential race, but there will absolutely be House races we don’t know the outcome of for several weeks. This is completely normal and happens every election year. We are more likely to know who holds the Senate, but it may take a few weeks to know the specific number of Senators from each party.

In summation, I think it’s most likely we know if Biden or Trump wins late on Tuesday. If not then, most likely some time the following day. There are plausible nightmare scenarios where we don’t know for weeks. In 2000 it wasn’t until mid-December we knew who the next president would be. While not quite normal, there is no particular harm in having to wait for the results, though Trump is sure to claim victory in any such close scenario.

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.


Trump Daily – 10/22/20 Jagshemash

Madison Cawthorn is a Republican House candidate who spoke at their convention. He’s published an attack website that included a criticism of a reporter who “quit his academia job in Boston to work for non-white males, like Cory Booker, who aims to ruin white males running for office.” The website has since been changed. At the time of publication, Cawthorn had not offered a statement.

The New York Post piece about Hunter Biden’s laptop was written by a journalist who refused to attach his name to the story because he doubted the veracity. One of the women whose name was attached had never had an article published in the paper before and previously worked for Sean Hannity. The Republicans are thinking this story is the “Clinton’s emails” of 2020 but it does not appear that anyone cares in the least. Among many other stories, Giuliani is claiming the hard drive which he’s had a copy of for quite some time has child pornography on it – a fact he has conveniently not mentioned until two weeks before the election. Right-wing media has alleged the laptop is now part of a money laundering investigation. They’re likely correct. What they’re leaving out is that Giuliani is the one under investigation. DNI Ratcliffe announced the laptop is definitely not part of any foreign disinformation campaign. The FBI contradicted him and have not reached that conclusion.

The Trump campaign accused Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer of promoting the assassination of president Trump because she displayed a sign saying “86 45.” 86 does not mean to kill. Both Trump and the campaign have been viciously attacking Whitmer just days after a right wing terrorist group was arrested for planning to kidnap her.

The Department of Justice is continuing to argue in court that when President Trump said “she’s not my type” of E. Jean Carroll, who is accusing him of rape, that he was acting in his official capacity as president and therefore should be defended by government lawyers, not his own personal lawyers. The goal here is to claim immunity to have the lawsuit tossed. Needless to say, denying an accusation of rape has nothing at all to do with the job of the president.

The New York Times has dropped another Trump tax story. Despite his claims of being tough on China, the president used a shell corporation to hide a Chinese bank account. His companies have been pursuing licensing deals in China which have not been previously disclosed.

The White House is looking into cutting off funding for all manner of government services which it has deemed “anarchist” cities. There are zero cities in the US experiencing any form of anarchy. What the president wants is for police to be more brutal with and arrest more protesters.

Lawyers have been unable to find the parents of 545 children who were separated at the border due to Trump’s kidnapping policy. The program was implemented without any sort of tracking system and parents were deported with absolutely no record of how to get in touch with them. Unable to complete the tasks themselves, Department of Justice lawyers eventually said that ACLU lawyers, along with other groups, should track down the parents themselves – which they’ve done. This should be one of the biggest stories in US political history.

Trump is considering firing FBI director Christopher Wray because Wray will not publicly announce that Hunter and Joe Biden are under investigation. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it is the exact same demand Trump made of the Ukrainian government which is what he was impeached over.

DNI Ratcliffe is trying to declassify a document, originated by House Republicans, that concludes Russia did not interfere in the 2016 election on Trump’s behalf. This directly contradicts the finding of every US intelligence agency, the very groups Ratcliffe oversees. The Director of National Intelligence is not supposed to be a partisan position but Ratcliffe has been taking actions solely to benefit the Trump campaign.

Rudy Giuliani was taken in during a stunt for Sacha Baron Cohen’s new Borat movie. Giuliani has correctly pointed out that he was not taken in by Cohen himself and that he recognized him interrupting an interview. The interview itself was the setup. He ended up alone in a hotel room with an actress he thought was a Russian journalist. This is the president’s personal lawyer, placed in a compromising position by two actors. He is a massive national security threat from foreign agencies who are far more skilled at spycraft than Borat.

Daily Summaries

Trump Daily – 10/17/2020

Intelligence agencies last year warned the president that Rudy Giuliani was being targeted by Russian intelligence to be a conduit for the election disinformation. This week the New York Post published information they received from Giuliani which is now being investigated by the FBI under suspicion that Russia was behind the story. The story is extremely fishy and even if the source of the information is accurate, what The Post published was stolen data from Hunter Biden. The data includes an email about a meeting between Joe Biden and a Ukrainian businessman set up by Hunter Biden. The Biden campaign says this never happened, which is verifiable. The Post also published a private text conversation, again stolen, between Hunter and his father while Hunter was in rehab. Hunter Biden was worried about the mistakes he’d made in his life harming his father’s political career. Joe Biden responded that the only thing that mattered to him was his son’s recovery and that he loved him. The Republican Party thinks that sentiment is damaging to Joe Biden. The stolen files included pictures of Hunter Biden using drugs. Republican Congressman Paul Gosar tweeted out one of the pictures, mocking Hunter Biden for using drugs, just as Donald Trump attacked him during the first debate. This is the current state of the Republican Party. They are devoid of empathy to a point of thinking attacking a candidate’s son for a drug addiction is a good political strategy. With the US nearing 220,000 Covid-19 deaths, the Trump campaign thinks attacking Hunter Biden is a good closing argument.

Speaking of Giuliani, the president’s lawyer, the “cybersecurity expert” ended a Zoom meeting but left the live feed running. He then proceeded to mock Asians. Yes, really.

The White House has cited a petition calling on the government to fully open businesses to develop herd immunity. The petition includes well known medical experts such as Dr. Person Fakename, I.P. Freely, and Dr. Johnny Bananas. Dr. Fakename could not be reached for comment.

As he publicly downplayed the severity of the pandemic, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow was privately telling investment groups that the pandemic would be catastrophic, prompting his friends to sell off their investments.

President Trump is again bragging that federal law enforcement agents killed a suspect instead of arresting him. The officers appear to have lied about the suspect pulling a gun (he was armed but the weapon was in a pocket after he was shot) and witnesses now say they did not even announce themselves as law enforcement. The president of the United States is praising extrajudicial killings by police.

Trump extended his best wishes to the Kamala Harris staffer who contracted Covid-19 but added that was more than Harris did for him. He’s lying. Harris publicly wished him well.

Multiple times this week, president Trump attacked Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer after the FBI arrested a Trump-supporting terrorist group planning on kidnapping and executing her. He has called her a dictator, said that all of Michigan’s Covid-19 restrictions needed to be removed, and twice tonight led his rally crowd in a chant of “lock her up.” The president, who often encourages violence by his supporters, is openly siding with a terrorist group who planned to take out a governor because of Covid-19 safety measures.

Twice this week the president tweeted out material from The Babylon Bee, a satirical website, thinking it was real. One of the obviously fake articles was about Twitter shutting down to avoid spreading the New York Post article. It included a bit about Twitter programmers being unable to lift a hammer and therefore programming a robot to attack their own servers. The president thought this was a true story.

Trump said on Twitter that he had declassified all information relating to the Russia investigation. He’s done this in the past which resulted in reporters requesting said information. As in the past, the Department of Justice is arguing in court that the president saying he has declassified the information does not mean that the president has declassified the information. Fed up with Trump’s lies, the judge has ordered the Department of Justice to consult with the president about whether he actually issued such an order and return to court with the response.

Similar to what happened to Dr. Fauci recently, the Trump campaign is using an ad featuring Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley without his permission and in uniform, which is a violation of the UCMJ. And like the ad featuring Fauci, the Trump campaign is not taking down the ad featuring Milley.


Of Facebook and Twitter

We’re going to play hypothetical in response to a bad faith argument the Republicans are circulating.

You are a young conservative activist and with a group of like-minded friends, you start a small website for sharing news about politics and religion.

As your site grows, you add in a message forum for your regular readers to discuss the topics you curate on the front page.

Your forums become very popular and you develop an app that directs to the forums.

Your site gets some media attention and with some savvy marketing, you grow it into a large site on the Internet.

You update your app and allow users to share pertinent articles and forum threads with each other.

Eventually, this morphs into a stream of updates.

While anyone can participate on your site/app, you are still focused on discussing topics of interest to conservatives and Christians.

You eventually write an algorithm that highlights discussions and articles that are focused on these areas.

Quiz time!

Has your site broken any laws?
Has your site broken any ethical norms?
Has your site, by targeting these specific topics, done anything that warrants a Congressional hearing?


You may post whatever content you’d like on your site. You may encourage others to post any content you’d like on your site. You may restrict others from posting any content you’d like on your site. It’s your site and if you want it to contain only posts about Christianity, that’s perfectly fine and no one would say a peep.

Republicans are up in arms, as they have been for some time, about Facebook and Twitter’s editorial decisions. (This is despite the fact that conservative pages DOMINATE Facebook’s engagement metrics). According to them, Twitter and Facebook must provide some sort of partisan balance acceptable to Republicans else they have done something unethical, perhaps illegal.

This is ridiculous horseshit.

Like our hypothetical above, Facebook and Twitter may promote any content they want. They can restrict any content they want. People are free to disagree with those decisions and to express that disagreement. But ultimately, the decisions of what content these companies choose to promote or not promote is SOLELY up to them and requires not one pen stroke of government intervention.

But that isn’t good enough for the “party of limited government” so right now, in the middle of a pandemic which has killed over 215,000 Americans, they are clamoring for legal action taken and hearings held regarding what people Tweet.

Don’t fall for it.

Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 10/14/2020 – Our Insane President

Yesterday the president twice tweeted out about a conspiracy theory from the right-wing depths of Twitter. This conspiracy claims that Iran was holding Osama bin Laden and the entire JPCOA (the Iran nuclear deal) was a cover for paying Iran to send bin Laden, or perhaps a body double, to Pakistan so that the Obama administration could then kill him and receive the credit for it. The originator of this conspiracy theory also says that Obama and Biden then arranged for the assassinations of every member of Seal Team Six who participated in the bin Laden raid. Trump has always been a conspiracy theorist. For a decade he insisted Obama was a Kenyan and that his investigative team had found very interesting things regarding his birth while they were in Hawaii. (He made this up.) He said global warming was invented by China to harm American businesses. And now he’s saying that Biden was involved in killing a Seal Team, several of whom are currently active on social media, in order to cover up a fake bin Laden raid. Donald Trump is completely disconnected from reality. Your Republican friends don’t care about this. They will vote for him anyway. Republican politicians di not care about this. They need his signature. The media has barely mentioned this. It’s simply baked in that Trump believes bullshit conspiracy theories and it’s treated as normal. It isn’t. It never has been. You want to support him? Then you should be able to defend the fact that he thinks Ted Cruz’s father helped kill JFK and that Biden ordered a Seal Team killed.

The New York Times published another financial bombshell. The short version – Trump has been doing political favors for his club members and those he does business with. The White House’s response to this story was that Eric and Donald Trump Jr. now run the company. This sort of corruption has been constant throughout this administration, beginning with the inauguration itself.

The Trump campaign is running an ad with quotes from Dr. Anthony Fauci make it appear Fauci was praising Trump’s handling of the pandemic. His quote was referencing other government officials. Fauci has never endorsed a candidate and does not want to appear to endorse one this year. He has asked the Trump campaign to stop using his words in the ad. The Trump campaign is refusing his request.

The Republican Party in California is setting up ballot dropboxes which appear to be official government ballot collection boxes. They are not. The state has determined this is illegal and sent a cease and desist letter to the Republicans. The party is ignoring the order and continuing to use them.

Former White House doctor, now Congressional candidate, Ronny Jackson did an event with Donald Trump where he declared that Joe Biden has some form of dementia. He’s previously said that Biden must be taking “memory enhancing” drugs to perform as well as he had.

The Department of Justice is suing former Melania Trump aid Stephanie Wolkoff for violating an NDA by publishing a book about Melania. Trump frequently uses NDAs for government employees which is absolutely illegal. Aside from classified information, a government employee has a first amendment right to reveal whatever information they’d like. They will lose this case, but it’s yet another example of Trump viewing the DoJ as his personal legal team.

Trump publicly declared that he had declassified all materials related to the Russia investigation. Reporters responded by requesting said information. The Department of Justice is arguing Trump saying he declassified the materials does not count as declassifying them. This has happened before. The DoJ argues that Trump’s tweets are official orders and that they are NOT official orders depending on which argument is more convenient for them.

The Justice Department’s investigation into what several Republicans called a massive scandal regarding the unmasking of names in intelligence reports has concluded that no one unmasked any names improperly. There have been several investigations into those who investigated Trump that the right has been banking on to justify Trump’s claims of a mass conspiracy against him. All of them so far have found nothing of the sort.