Daily Summaries

Trump Daily – 7/28/2020 – Demon Semen

  • Last night the president retweeted roughly a dozen people touting the benefits of Hydroxychloroquine in treating/curing Covid-19. Several of these involved a video from a group of doctors pushing the drug. You may recognize Dr. Dan Erickson from a different viral video in April which was labeled as false on Facebook. Erickson claimed there was no reason for anyone who wasn’t sick to quarantine and used INCREDIBLY bad math to justify is false claims about the virus. But no one is talking about Dr. Erickson’s part in this new video thanks to Dr. Stella Immanuel who runs a “deliverance ministry” in addition to her medical clinic. (A deliverance ministry focuses on exorcising demons and other evil spirits from people and locations.) Dr. Immanuel claims she has had a 100% success rate with hydroxychloroquine and hasn’t lost a patient. Notably, Dr. Immanuel works at a walk-in clinic which means it’s unlikely she’s seen anyone who was dangerously ill with Covid-19. But it’s her other beliefs which are causing the current attention. Dr. Immanuel believes that diseases are caused by demons and that vaccines are assembled using alien DNA which prevents people from being religious when administered. (She claims the government is run by lizard people and other aliens, but it wasn’t clear if she thinks vaccines are made with the DNA of our reptilian overlords or if said reptilian overlords are using third-party alien DNA.) Dr. Immanuel believes the unique medical issues women face are caused by having sex with demons in their dreams as their semen causes things like endometriosis. I did not make that up. Sometimes though the demons are just witches who are astrally projecting and pretending to be demons. I wasn’t clear on whether an astrally projecting witch masquerading as a demon in a dream can ejaculate, much less if said faux-demon dream witch ejaculate can cause endometriosis. If you’re interested in such things, her ministry website should be back up again soon. Dr. Immanuel confirmed all of these beliefs herself tonight. To bring this back to our topic, THIS IS A PERSON THE PRESIDENT WAS TOUTING AS AN EXPERT ON COVID-19. As the United States closes in on 150,000 deaths, Donald Trump is still pushing conspiracy theories from crackpots and miracle cures while attacking the most experienced infectious disease expert on the entire planet. In today’s press conference, Trump was asked about these beliefs. He initially defended Dr. Immanuel, but when asked a followup about her alien DNA beliefs, he immediately ended the presser without answering. Twitter briefly cut off Donald Trump Jr’s access over this misinformation and deleted the Tweets the president was making about it. Surprisingly he hasn’t mentioned this today after saying this weekend it was “illegal” for Twitter to have trending topics related to negative news about him. Yes, the president thinks the law should force a social media sight from highlighting bad news about him.

(I am intentionally skipping covering Bill Barr’s testimony today as I found it useless)


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