Trump Daily 6/22/2020

  • Jerry Nadler is subpoenaing AG Barr over the firing of interim SDNY prosecutor Geoffrey Berman, who was overseeing multiple investigations into Donald Trump, his businesses, and his allies. Barr might decide to simply not show, starting another legal showdown between the House and the White House.
  • The president said foreign countries will be printing mail-in ballots during the election to rig it against him. Mail ballots are incredibly secure – printed on special paper, barcoded, and signature matched to registration rolls. In addition to matching all of this, a foreign country would have to make sure they were only submitting fraudulent ballots for people who are registered to vote but did not vote. Trump is lying. He also said in an interview tonight that people would rob mailmen for ballots. This has never happened. It will not happen this year.
  • In a separate interview, Trump accused Barack Obama of treason. Obama joins the pantheon of people Trump has said are traitors including Robert Mueller, Mueller’s investigators, Democrats as a whole, James Comey, Susan Rice, Adam Schiff, White House leakers, Chelsea Manning, Charles Krauthammer, the execs at Univision, the execs at Macy’s, Republicans who didn’t vote for him, James Clapper, John Brennan, Google (yes, just “Google), the New York Times, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, and people who did not clap at his first State of the Union address. (He really said that.) Needless to say, treason is an extremely narrowly defined crime and none of the above have committed it.

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