Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 6/19/2020

  • After a panel recommended the immediate reinstatement of Captain Crozier to his command, the Navy has announced he will not return to the USSS Roosevelt. Crozier was fired after drawing attention to the growing number of Covid-19 cases among his crew. The reason given for refusing to reinstate him is that Crozier wasn’t taking the outbreak seriously enough.

Geoffrey Berman is the interim (key word here) US attorney in the Southern District of New York. He has been in that position for over two years with no one named to fill the spot permanently. In that time Berman has overseen numerous cases related to the Mueller investigation, the Trump Organization, Rudy Giuliani, a Turkish company, etc… According to Bolton’s book, Trump told Turkish president Erdogan that the SDNY were not his people and he would be looking into doing something about the investigation – the investigation Berman has been overseeing.

Tonight, the Department of Justice announced Berman had resigned and would be replaced by the head of the SEC. They soon encountered a tiny problem – Berman issued a statement saying he had not resigned and would not leave the position until a Senate-confirmed prosecutor took his place. The law allows the president to fire any US attorney at will. But Berman is not a US attorney. Berman is an INTERIM US attorney who was appointed by a court, not the president. He can’t be fired by Barr or Trump until they can have a replacement confirmed by the Senate.

Trump is trying to get rid of the attorney who is investigating him and his allies. And that attorney is not having any of it.


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