Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 6/18/2020

  • The Trump campaign ran 88 individual ads on Facebook about dangerous mobs of leftists in the streets. Trump has tried to blame rioting on Antifa despite the FBI being able to uncover any evidence of that. The first sentence of the ads has 14 words and they inexplicably ran with an inverted red triangle. 14/88 is a white supremacist signal referencing a quote from a neo-Nazi and Hitler himself. The inverted red triangle is a symbol the Nazis used to designate political prisoners in their concentration camps. The Trump campaign argued this was a commonly used Antifa logo. It isn’t. They then argued it was merely an emoji which does not make any sense. Obviously, the Trump camp will maintain the left is overreacting and their symbolism has nothing to do with Nazim or anti-semitism. They’ve used the same argument several times now. In 2015, Trump tweeted out an infographic with fabricated statistics to illustrate how violent black people are. The original source was a neo-Nazi. In 2016, Trump tweeted out a picture of Hillary Clinton superimposed over a pile of cash with a Star of David shape. The original source was a white supremacist. While accusing others of it, Trump has long used anti-semitic tropes, often referring to Benjamin Netanyahu as the leader of Jewish-Americans and similar such comments. The fact that his organization keeps “accidentally” using Nazi and white supremacist imagery is an established pattern.
  • The Trump administration contracted with a company to provide test tubes for Covid-19 testing. The company had never produced medical supplies before. And they did not produce medical supplies now. Instead, the company provided the government with pre-formed 2-liter soda bottles. These are not usable as test tubes. The Trump administration bought a large number of plastic Coke bottles and sent them out to labs to use as test tubes. There have been dozens of similar stories like this since the beginning of the pandemic with the federal government hiring absolutely unqualified companies to provide supplies while ignoring legitimate manufacturers of PPE.

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