Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 6/15/2020

  • A Trump nominee to a high ranking Pentagon position has a history of conspiracy theories he’s advanced in public. Anthony Tata said President Obama was a Manchurian candidate attempting to help out The Muslim Brotherhood. He said Obama was taking military actions aimed to allow ISIS to expand their foothold in the Middle-East and North Africa, going so far as to accuse the former president of treason. Numerous Trump appointees have had to withdraw or resign after it was discovered they had posted sexist and/or racist statements as well as pushing conspiracy theories. (Notably, the president himself is a conspiracy theorist).
  • The Trump administration rolled back protections against discriminations against LGBTQ people regarding access to healthcare. After their decision, it became legal for doctors or even emergency rooms to simply refuse to treat gay or transgender people. (Yes, this has happened). In a monumental Supreme Court decision this morning, the justices ruled that gender identity and sexual orientation are covered under Title VII’s anti-discrimination protections. This will not immediately undo the Trump rollback or his transgender military ban, but both are now far more difficult to support from a legal standpoint. President Biden, if elected, could immediately undo Trump’s damage in both areas.
  • CNN ran a poll which shows Biden leading Trump nationally by a large margin. The Trump campaign sent CNN a cease and desist letter because they did not like this. A campaign lawyer went on CNN to explain why CNN needed to legally withdraw their poll. Unhappy with how that segment went, the Trump Campaign is now demanding CNN apologize for it. For evidence the poll was unscientific, the campaign has both lied about its methodology and cited another polling firm with a C/D rating from 538.

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