Trump Daily 6/10/2020

  • A Q-anon supporter is the frontrunner in a Republican primary. If she wins, she is all but assured a seat in congress. Q-anon is the conspiracy theory based on anonymous 4-chan posts which believe Democrats are part of a massive cannibal pedophile child sex trafficking ring that Donald Trump is going to expose with thousands of arrests… any day now. A Republican Senate candidate won her primary who also believes in the batshittery but she won’t win the seat. The president often retweets Q-anon accounts.
  • The president retweeted his son advertising one of their golf courses re-opening, while bragging they did not take any stimulus funds. The president has often advertised his businesses using his office. No president in modern history has refused to divest from private business ownership and operation until Donald Trump who has dozens of conflicts of interest, including the government spending a huge amount of money at his clubs.
  • At a press event, the president was asked about the fact that black and Asian American unemployment both rose last week as the general unemployment number decreased. His response was, “You are something else.”

TRUMP: Well I think it’s a very sad problem. As you know as a Republican I’m doing very well with African-Americans and with the vote with the — in polls and everything — especially I mean I haven’t seen one very recently because you had the plague come in from China.

So that changed things up, but we had the best economy ever. We had the best numbers for African-American on employment and unemployment in history. Best homeownership — best everything. We had the best numbers in everything — not only African-American, but the African-American numbers were great.

KILMEADE: How do you handle the law enforcement part?

TRUMP: Well I think you have to get better.

KILMEADE: How do you handle the law enforcement part of this?

TRUMP: They have to get better than what they’ve been doing. I mean obviously that was a terrible thing. And I’ve spoken about it numerous times in various speeches.

And what’s interesting is I spoke about it when we launched a very successful rocket — a tremendous program that culminated on that day and obviously it goes on from there.

But I then made a speech and it was a speech about the rocket, and I devoted 25 percent of the speech probably to what happened — or more — to what happened with respect to George — George Floyd, and it was — and then you listen to this, he doesn’t talk about George Floyd. The rocket went off, I then I made a speech, and I talked about George Floyd, but they said he didn’t talk about George Floyd.

Half — maybe even almost half of the speech, but a large portion of the speech was devoted exactly to that. And so, you know, with — with the media you basically — and basically no matter what you do, it’s never going to be good enough. But the people understand it.

  • To sum that up, the president has attacked the character of a man murdered by police and said a man hospitalized by police actually slammed his own head into the pavement while trying to jam police radios as part of some Antifa plot to make police look bad.

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