Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 6/4/2020

  • The president quote tweeted his son encouraging a Qanon account which said Attorney General Barr was about to release secret communications between Antifa groups proving coordination of riots in multiple cities. The FBI has found zero evidence of any Antifa involvement in any protests or riots. Either Trump Jr deleted this or the original count was deleted. Trump Jr. had also been pushing a fake Antifa account which turned out to be run by a white supremacist organization.
  • The White House posted a video montage “proving” that Antifa was setting out bricks for protesters to use. It was quickly pointed out by a vast number of journalists that nearly all of these incidents were fake. In one case the bricks they claimed were for rioters to use were barriers in front of a Jewish synagogue which were set out in front of their building over a year ago. Multiple instances of bricks near construction sites were there because they were construction sites. The White House deleted the video without explanation.
  • I want to end with a link to a video from Legal Eagle, aka Devin Stone. Mr. Stone is a lawyer who publishes videos with legal analysis of either pop culture or current events. He has responded to the attack on Lafayette Square with an impassioned video detailing and decrying the grotesque abuse by the Trump administration. I would urge you to watch it: https://youtu.be/z56j06plUgs

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