Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 6/2/2020

Shortly before addressing the nation from the White House Rose Garden yesterday, police attacked a completely peaceful protest next to the White House. This took place before the DC curfew was in effect. The protest was completely legal. This was done so that the president could walk across the street and pose for a photo op in front of St. John’s church. He held up a Bible for the cameras, then walked back to the White House. This post is focused on this detestable action with some other stories about the protests in other areas of the country. I do have other stories related to the administration, but I will publish them separately tomorrow.

  • Ending this on a positive note, DC police had cornered a group of protesters in a residential neighborhood and refused to allow them to disperse. After a standoff, the police charged them using pepper spray. A local resident, Rahul Dubey, opened his door and quickly invited the protesters into his home – all of them. (There are conflicting accounts for numbers but it appears to be between 60 and 70 people.) The police were furious and fired pepper spray into a window. They tried to gain entry to the home telling Mr. Dubey that someone inside had called 911. This was not true. Needing to feed those he was sheltering, Mr. Dubey negotiated with the police to allow for a pizza delivery. The police initially would not allow the driver to approach the house. Dubey successfully kept the protesters safe until they could freely leave the home at 6AM.

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