Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 5/28/2020

I’m reluctant to publish tonight given what’s happening in Minnesota, but I have a backlog of news items. For now, I’ll direct you to Don Lemon’s remarks about hearing from the president in regard to the protests. https://twitter.com/brooklynmutt/status/1266173717140385793

  • The White House justified firing Inspector General Steve Linick by saying they suspected him of leaking stories to the press. They lied. Linick had already been investigated and cleared of the leaks earlier in the year.
  • Outgoing Acting DNI Richard Grenell has been touting his declassifications of the calls between Michael Flynn and Russian Ambassador Kislyak. Except he did not declassify the calls. He declassified a summary of the calls. This echoes Trump constantly saying he released a transcript of his calls with Ukrainian president Zelensky when he had only released a summary of the transcripts.

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