Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 5/21/2020

  • Several Republican congressmen and the White House are saying they don’t want to pass further individual aid or extend unemployment relief. They would prefer workers return to work, but if they get sick they’re seeking to make sure businesses are not liable. In short, the GOP wants people returning to work regardless of their chances of catching the virus. This continues their strategy of addressing the pandemic by pretending it is over.
  • A New York Times piece details the difficulty in briefing the president. Echoing other reports over his tenure, the column details his short attention span and his habit of challenging information from the intelligence community with things he has heard on Fox News or from personal friends. The president has often claimed no one could know a pandemic like this could happen despite being briefed on its potential severity numerous times. He simply was not paying attention.
  • Trump is pulling out of the Open Skies Treaty which allows countries to monitor each other for military movements. Former CIA director Michael Hayden simply called the withdrawal “insane.”

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