Trump Daily 5/20/2020

  • Despite the pandemic, Mitch McConnell is focusing on investigating the Obama administration. The Homeland Security Committee voted along party lines to issue subpoenas related to their investigation of Hunter Biden. The entire fiction of “Obamagate” rests on the concept that a presidential candidate and his family can not be investigated. Yet that’s what’s happening, but in this case there is absolutely zero basis to investigate Hunter Biden. The same senators supporting these subpoenas refused to issue them while investigating the president.
  • The next Inspector General at the State Department showed up to work today. This is illegal. The president is required to give 30 days notice to Congress before removing an IG. Trump instead put the IG on administrative leave and had his replacement begin work. Despite the illegality, Republicans in the Senate will do nothing about it. New IG Akard is not surrendering his OTHER position at the State Department which means that as of today, he is overseeing himself – a blatant conflict of interest. Again, Republicans in the Senate will allow this.

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