Daily Summaries

Trump Daily – 5/17/2020 We’re Back

My deepest apologies for my tardiness – especially to my Patreon subscribers. I’ve been dealing with a vertigo issue which kept me from writing. It’s fortunately gone so bear with me as we get caught up on the last week. As there have been so many stories, I’ve left out several news items, especially as related to Jared Kushner.

  • The president has backed down from plans to build a dock at Mar-a-Lago after it generated a regulation fight with the local government. The dock itself isn’t important. What is important is that Trump agreed Mar-a-Lago could be his private residents OR a commercial business, ie his resort, but not both. The president recently changed his residence from New York City to Palm Beach. He is now violating his contract with the city.
  • Weijia Jiang, an American reported born in China, asked the president why he was so focused on the “global competition” of testing numbers when so many Americans are dying and the number of cases in the US is increasing every day. Trump responded that she should ask China. Jiang revealed her face and asked why Trump had asked HER to ask China. (In the past Trump asked April Ryan, a black reporter, if she would set up a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus for him.) Her implication here was Trump’s racism. Trump called her nasty and tried to take a question from Kaitlan Collins. Collins insisted that Jiang be allowed to ask her question. Trump then cut her off and went to Yamiche Alcindor who also deferred to Jiang. At this point, the president stormed out of the press conference. This really needs to be seen on video. https://youtu.be/hF_LvrUvozQ Despite his bluster, Donald Trump is a coward who runs from difficult situations.
  • The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in multiple cases involving the president’s personal financial documents. His attorney argued that complying would mean the president could not devote as much time to the pandemic. The president has had days he’s tweeted well over 100 times and has demonstrably watched up to 16 hours of TV news in a day before. (You can line up his tweets to what he sees on cable.) Arguments that the president is too busy aside, the cases involved do not actually require the president to do anything whatsoever – the document requests are to his bank and accounting firms. He would literally not be involved in producing any of the requested documents.
  • Press Secretary McEnany was asked about the White House’s frequent claims that Obama had somehow depleted the national stockpile of PPE. (He did not.) McEnany said the reason that Trump had not addressed the issue in his first three years of office was that Trump was too busy dealing with military engagements that were also Obama’s fault. If you notice a pattern here, everything Trump has done wrong during the pandemic is Obama’s fault, according to the president. This is despite Obama leaving office three years before the pandemic began.
  • The Inspector General for the State Department began an investigation into Mike Pompeo for using State Department staff to run personal errands for himself and his wife. Pompeo was accused of doing the same thing while head of the CIA. Upon learning of the investigation, Pompeo recommended firing the IG, which Trump is now doing. Congress has the authority to stop the president from firing Inspectors General. This makes the FOURTH Inspector General Trump has fired in retaliation. When Trump moved to fire IG Atkinson, several Republican senators demanded an explanation before they would consent to his removal. Trump ignored them. They did nothing to stop him. Today those same senators have said they’re “concerned” about this most recent firing. But like everything else with this presidency, they aren’t willing to take tangible actions, merely to tweet about it.

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