Trump Daily 4/24/2020

  • The president has said in every briefing this week until today (if memory serves) that the US has conducted more tests than all other countries combined. This is a lie.
  • Dr. Rick Bright was the head of BARDA, a government organization that deals with vaccines and other medical issues. Dr. Bright spoke out against using government funding on hydroxychloroquine as there is no evidence the drug is an effective treatment for Covid-19. Dr. Bright was demoted and now claims this was retaliation. When asked to comment, the president said he had not heard of Dr. Bright and then chastised a reported for calling him “gifted.”
  • Asked about Georgia’s relaxation of restrictions, the president mentioned how Michelle Obama was in Georgia campaigning for Stacey Abrams and how Trump’s support put Brian Kemp in office. Michelle Obama never campaigned in Georgia.
  • After hearing an expert talking about the virus’s decay rate when exposed to a combination of bleach and UV light while on surfaces, the president asked Dr. Birx if they were looking into possibly injecting something like a disinfectant into the lungs or bringing light “into the body” through the skin to kill the virus. The president today ridiculously claimed that he was being sarcastic “just to see what would happen.” This was after the press secretary issued a statement that he had been taken out of context. He told a reporter today he was looking at them when he made the statements. That reporter was not at the White House yesterday. Even were he not lying, this would mean the president is trolling the media during briefings about a disease which has killed over 50,000 Americans. We have reached the point where more Americans die from Covid-19 each day than died in the 9/11/2001 attack.
  • Rather than face questions about his ridiculous lie, the president ended today’s press briefing without a single question being asked.

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