4/20/2020 Covid-19 Press Conference

  • The administration has been using the same rhetorical trick to boost the number of tests that have been conducted. The White House said 27 million tests would be “into the market” by the end of March. This is referring to capacity if all the needed supplies were available, which they have not been. Giroir on Monday defending using that metric.
  • With one of his most frequent Covid-19 lies, the president said again the US has done more testing than all other countries combined. This is not true on an absolute metric and isn’t even close to true on a per capita basis.
  • The president blamed impeachment for the state of the pandemic in the United States. The impeachment trial was over at the beginning of February. Weeks later, the president said there were only 15 cases in the United States and that number would soon be going down to zero.
  • The president said he’s already rebuilt the economy once and can do so again. For years, Trump has suggested the economy was in terrible shape when he took office. The economy had been roaring for years when Trump took office:

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