Covid-19 Press Briefing 4/19/2020

The daily press briefings have been stifling other news stories as they’re so dense with Trump’s typical actions – attacks on the press, false information, and demands for praise.

I’m going to spin out press briefing information into separate posts so as not to overrun the normal news I post. You will notice a great many links to Daniel Dale and Aaron Rupar in these posts. Dale is likely the most active Trump factchecker out there and Rupar is incredibly fast at posting clips from the press briefings. You should follow both if you are a Twitter user. (Dale wrote an excellent fact check of this entire press conference.)

  • Trump has also begun to use the fact that some needed medical supplies come from overseas to bash trade itself. Of note, the president has never understood how trade works and has said both that lowering trade deficits decreases the national debt and that lowering trade deficits results in more money for the federal government. Neither of these is true, which a first-year economics student could tell you.
  • Asked about potential pardons the president complains that Roger Stone was treated unfairly and that the black ledger detailing illegal payments to Paul Manafort was a fraud. This is a lie. The FBI, Manafort’s prosecutors, and Manafort himself have all confirmed the payments from the ledger. Trump goes on to call the FBI human scum and a disgrace over their convictions of members of his campaign. He said they’re crooked, bad, and dangerous. Six members of Trump’s campaign and/or administration have been convicted of felonies since he took office.
  • The president continues to say no one could have predicted the pandemic despite a plethora of evidence that the government had detailed warnings and plans on how to deal with a pandemic that the Trump administration ignored.


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