Trump Daily 4/5/2020

Catching up on some stories, nearly all Covid-19 related.

  • The president said we didn’t need to halt plane and train travel as passengers were getting “very strong tests” before departure and after arrival. This was a lie. No testing is being done of passengers at any point. Some flights have arrival screening (not testing), but not all of them.
  • The president attacked Captain Crozier, formerly of the USS Theodore Roosevelt for docking the ship in Vietnam. Vietnam has had one of the best responses to the virus in the world. They closed their schools on February 1st, long before most countries. When the carrier docked there, Vietnam had less than 20 cases. The outbreak from the ship had nothing to do with Vietnam. It also wasn’t Crozier’s decision. There are conflicting reports as to whether Trump was involved in firing Crozier but we know he was fired for drawing attention to the lack of response to the outbreak on his ship.
  • The president fired the Intelligence Inspector General who sent the Ukraine whistleblower report to Congress. Trump explicitly said the firing was because he sent the report. He was legally obligated to do so. The president must give Congress 30 days notice before firing an inspector general. He’s getting around the law this time by putting Atkinson on leave for 30 days.

The following articles are general summaries of the US response and how badly it went. Not summarizing them here as they’re all worth a full read.


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