Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 3/13/2020

  • The president was instituting a change that would remove food stamp access from 700,000 families. The White House said they would be proceeding with this change in April regardless of the coronavirus outbreak. A judge has blocked this from going into effect.
  • I don’t want to summarize this Washington Post article on the administration’s response to the outbreak. You should read the entire thing here.
  • After massive customs delays at international terminals in US airports, the governor of Illinois took to Twitter to shame the federal government into providing more agents to handle the influx, which was exacerbated by the botched rollout of the European travel ban. The governor heard from the White House, but it wasn’t to work on they problem. They yelled at him over the phone for criticizing them publicly.
  • In the middle of the outbreak, President Trump took to Twitter today to attack “fake news” (twice), post a story about Hillary Clinton’s emails, attack Chuck Schumer, attack the FBI while floating a pardon for Michael Flynn, shift the blame for the coronavirus mistakes to the states, and call the debate “boring.” In particular, he attacked the media for their accurate story covering his lie about the website being worked on by a Google sister company. He said no one called Google about it. Dozens of reporters did. He lied.

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