Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 3/11/2020 – Coronavirus Address

I have a number of stories to get to, but this will be solely about Trump’s coronavirus address.

Tonight the president made a brief address on the coronavirus pandemic from the Oval Office. To call it a disaster is an understatement. Various executive branch agencies have so far had to put out FOUR corrections regarding what the president said.

The president said he had spoken to the major insurance companies and they agreed that any user payments for testing and treatment of the coronavirus would be waived. This isn’t true. They agreed to waive testing copayments, but not treatment copayments. (This also does not address testing for those of us who are not insured.)

The president said air travel to and from Europe will be shut down on Friday with an exclusion for the UK. So far no one has mentioned any justification for why the UK was excluded. It is notable one of the president’s golf courses is in the UK. The other is in Ireland which he didn’t mention being excluded. In fact, Ireland IS excluded, as are several other Eastern European countries. Trump did not say this.

The president omitted that this travel ban does not apply to US citizens. They may freely travel. This again raises the question of why this ban exists. The virus is already here and already growing exponentially. We are simply too late for a travel ban to have much of, if any, effect – especially one which is only on some people.

When Trump misstates words, his narcissism does not allow him to make a simple correction as all of us would. He always charges through or adds the correct word as if it is a synonym of his misstatement. Tonight he said the travel restrictions would not “only” apply to cargo. The teleprompter did not say the word “only.” There is no restriction on cargo at all. Dow futures dropped 1,000 points after the president accidentally said we were halting trade with the EU and didn’t immediately correct himself.

On top of all of this, European leaders were completely blindsided by all of this. They had not been consulted nor informed as would always be the case for a major international policy.

We are in the middle of an economic and social crisis. Our president is too incompetent to even realize how far in over his head he is.


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