Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 3/5/2020

  • In the White House, Trump blamed the problems with coronavirus testing on Barack Obama. Aside from the fact that Trump has been president for over 3 years, the rule he’s referring to here was never implemented. He’s lying.
  • Despite claims that the Ukraine military hold was due to a policy review, no policy review ever took place. The documents showing this were withheld from Congress without any legal basis.
  • The president called into The Sean Hannity show and told several lies about the coronavirus and that he had a “hunch” the numbers were wrong. He mentioned that people are getting better quickly and going to work with the virus. When asked for comment, the White House said he was referring to telecommuting. The president in the past week has told several outright lies about the virus and made several statements illustrating that he doesn’t understand any of the underlying science – such as saying this is a flu virus and asking why the flu vaccine can’t be deployed against it.
  • In the same interview, the president told one of his most frequent lies, claiming he is the one responsible for the Veterans Choice law. The law was written by John McCain and Bernie Sanders. It was signed into law by Barack Obama. He has told this lie about the law over 120 times. He also blamed Obama for the 1994 crime bill. Realizing his error, Trump then said Obama had been speaking about the bill at the time. Barack Obama was an unknown legal professor at the time. The president lied about this.


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