Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 2/27/2020

  • The Trump campaign is suing the New York Times over an op-ed which stated Russia was trying to attempt to help Trump win the election and that the Trump administration has gone easy on Russia, both demonstrably true. Of note, the lawsuit claims the Mueller report should have informed the newspaper their claims weren’t true but the Mueller report was published AFTER the article was. This suit opens up the Trump campaign to discovery by NYT lawyers which is why it’s almost certainly a stunt that will be withdrawn before that happens.
  • The president blamed this week’s stock market dive on the Democratic debate being “bad.” The market began dropping the day before the debate.
  • Which is why all CDC and HHS statements about the disease must go through the new leader of the group working on the virus – Mike Pence. The president cited Mike Pence’s tenure running healthcare in Indiana. During said tenure, one section of the state saw a dramatic spike in HIV infection rates directly attributable to Pence’s policies. Pence has no background in science or health and has questioned the link between cigarettes and cancer. Alex Azar was unaware Pence was going to be in charge of the efforts until directly before the press conference announcing it.


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