Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 2/21/2020

  • The president has sent multiple tweets attacking the Roger Stone jury, prosecutors, and judge. This is unheard of and isn’t the sort of thing that happened before his presidency. Stone is the sixth person to be convicted of/plead guilty to a felony.
  • In back to back rallies, the president made a number of bizarre statements. He criticized Parasite for winning Best Picture since it is a foreign film and lamented that we no longer have films like Gone with the Wind, which celebrated The Confederacy. In response to a Fox News piece about his poor debate performance, he read multiple polls from 2016 saying he’d won every debate. He again bragged about “keeping the oil” in Syria. In order to convince him to leave troops there, The Pentagon told him they could protect Syrian oil fields. The United States does not own them nor receive oil from them. On the campaign trail, Trump frequently said the US needed to take oil from the countries it invaded. Doing so is a war crime. He said that Republicans would “protect pre-existing” and give you “brand new pre-existing.” He often uses this wording instead of bringing up “protections for those with pre-existing conditions.” It is not clear he understands the concept. Republicans do not currently have any health care proposals at all and are in court fighting to end protections for those with pre-existing conditions. This is one of his most frequent lies. Also at the rally, he rapidly switched between two conspiracy theories: that his campaign was spied on (not true) and that networks often turn off their cameras during his rallies and refuse to show the crowds (also not true.) Some pundits have used this clip to further questions his mental health, including myself.


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