Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 2/11/2020

Another slow news day.

  • Lt. Vindman and his twin brother (who wasn’t involved in any way in the impeachment process) were both fired from the National Security Council. As right wing politicians and pundits argued this was normal, the president said today that the military should punish Vindman for his testimony.
  • Despite claims from the Trump family that they only charge Secret Service a steeply discounted rate at Trump hotels, the government has been paying up to $650 per night per room any time Trump stays at one of his own properties which is frequent. The Treasury Department is legally required to report these expenditures to congress. They have not been. Their excuse was that no one knew how to make the reports. Mnuchin has said they will resume regular reporting after the election. While president, Trump has funneled millions of government dollars into his own businesses.
  • During the state of the union speech, the president featured a child he said was in a failing government school and announced a scholarship for her so she could transfer to a better performing school. She already attends a top charter school and her tuition is zero. Her mother did not understand why they had been invited to the speech. He told several other lies during the speech – that Republicans were protecting health insurance for people with pre-existing conditions (they are in court to undo them) and that “hundreds” of buses full of illegal voters were sent to New Hampshire. No evidence supports this. He also said the border wall was being paid for with “redemption from illegal aliens.” That isn’t a thing. He may have meant remittance payments, but that’s also a lie. The wall has mostly been funded by diverting money from other military projects including things like schools for the families of service members.
  • The president tweeted out a video from the Larry David show which he did not understand was mocking Trump supporters. The short clip uses the word “motherfucker” and the word “fuck” appears multiple times. This is an official statement from the United States government. Trump won white evangelicals by sixty-five points.
  • The president again attacked Congresswoman Debbie Dingell for being insufficiently grateful that he “rolled out the maximum ‘Red Carpet'” for her husband’s funeral. As a congressman, John Dingell’s ceremonies were handled by the House of Representatives. Though Trump ordered flags to half-mast, he otherwise had no involvement. He has previously suggested at a rally that John Dingell may be in hell. Trump won white evangelicals by sixty-five points.
  • Prosecutors in the Roger Stone sentencing recommended a stiff sentence of 7-9 years. The president tweeted out this wasn’t fair. The next day the Department of Justice announced they would be revising the recommendation downward. In said revision they site Roger Stone’s age, health, and lack of criminal record. Though never convicted, Stone spent decades conducting illegal activities for Republican politicians. All four lead prosecutors on the case have resigned in protest. Stone was the sixth member of the Trump campaign to be convicted of a felony.


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