Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 2/4/2020

With impeachment ending I’ll be resuming my normal digest updates. Some quick stories to catch up here.

  • Per a recent book from Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker, Trump attacked several top military leaders as “dopes and babies” for disagreeing with his Afghanistan policy. Trump was angry that the United States had not yet taken Afghanistan’s oil. He’s frequently expressed a desire to take oil from countries we have invaded. Doing so would explicitly be a war crime under multiple treaties. In the same book, a meeting is detailed where the president threw a tantrum when his campaign advisers sought to have him issue a retraction of his birtherism. Trump was furious and wanted to release a statement reaffirming the conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.
  • Six countries have been added to Trump’s travel ban. Of particular note, Nigeria not only has the largest black population of any country in the world, Nigerian immigrants in the US are more educated than those from any other country. At least they were. Now they aren’t allowed to come here.


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