Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 1/8/2020

  • As tensions between Iraq and the US increase, both Russia and China are working to replace the military presence in Iraq.
  • The Saudi foreign minister had a meeting with the president in the Oval Office. This meeting was announced by the Saudis with no notification from the United States. (This is not normal, but Trump did the same thing when he met Russian foreign minister Lavrov.) Khalid bin Salman is the man who asked Jamal Khashoggi to come to the Saudi embassy where he was murdered by the Saudi government. Trump has never blamed them nor called for them to face any accountability. He is now meeting in the Oval Office with a man who helped murder a US resident.
  • Trump’s claim that the Pentagon had given him a list of 52 Iranian target sites, including cultural sites, was a blatant lie.
  • During his address about the Iranian missile strikes, Trump mentioned the need for an international coalition to come together to work on a treaty to prevent Iran from securing nuclear arms. The JPCOA Obama signed did exactly that. Trump withdrew the United States from it which many analysts predicted would lead to increased hostilities in the region. The analysts were correct.
  • I’m not going into much on the strike itself as it has been extensively covered in the last 24 hours. But I will say Iran has a long history of acting through proxies and taking their time with retaliation. This is absolutely not the last action they will be taking in response to the assassination.

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