Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 1/6/2020

  • Jason Leopold (Buzzfeed) posted a thread about a few government agencies reaction to Trump’s Tweets. The NSA was instructed not to get involved into the drama. The CIA responded to one of Trump’s Tweets about North Korea, but that response is entirely redacted. These agencies take Trump’s Tweeting very seriously. The Department of Justice has frequently argued in court that Trump’s Tweets are not serious and shouldn’t be viewed as such. That isn’t the stance taken by our own government.
  • CBP yesterday publicly denied that anything had changed in the treatment of Iranian-Americans re-entering the country. However, since the Suleimani assassination, more than sixty Iranian-Americans have been detained in Washington alone while returning to the U.S. The extra questions included asking about political stances and allegiance to the United States.
  • In a rather bizarre experience, Congressman Timmons (he replaced Trey Gowdy in South Carolina) asked a question about impeachment and posted his personal cell phone number. I texted him with the information he asked about. Surprisingly, he responded and we had a cordial disagreement. His Tweet was complaining that the House investigation was partisan and the vote against impeachment was bipartisan. He said these things had not happened before. He’s wrong. Each vote against Clinton had bipartisan support. He eventually told me he meant to refer to the vote FOR impeachment instead of the vote against it. An entire five Democrats voted for the two passed impeachment articles against Clinton. His point, poorly phrased, was that no Republicans voted to impeach Trump. The problem here is that the Republican who said he’d vote to impeach was kicked out of the Republican party. If five Democratic votes for impeaching Clinton made it bipartisan, then Justin Amash voting for impeaching Trump makes it bipartisan.


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