Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 12/17/19 Impeachment Eve

  • Trump sent a long rambling letter to Pelosi complaining about impeachment. White House lawyers have come out to deny being involved in its drafting but we know Steven Miller was. The White House characterized the letter as “trolling” Pelosi because the United States elected a president who trolls the Speaker of the House. This New York Times annotation of the letter points out all of the lies it contains.
  • In a brief camera appearance, Trump again argued that you can’t impeach a president who has accomplished so much and listed several things he’s done including passing the Veterans’ Choice bill. The Veterans’ Choice bill was signed into law by Barack Obama. Trump has lied about it dozens of times now and typically receives no pushback.

By this time tomorrow, assuming only a moderate amount of stalling from Republicans, president Donald Trump will be impeached.


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