Trump Daily 12/17/19

Everything I noted to include is about Rudy Giuliani so a quick rundown on the insane last few days with Trump’s personal lawyer.

  • Trump recently had to amend a federal filing regarding his illegal payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal – payments he initially lied about making. Having learned nothing from that incident, Trump has not included Giuliani’s legal services on his federal filings. Giuliani is working without receiving payment from Trump which means his work is a donation which must be disclosed. It hasn’t been. Trump has so far waffled on whether Giuliani is his lawyer at all, telling the media at one point, “You’ll have to ask him.”
  • Giuliani went to the White House after returning from his Ukraine trip where he met with several criminals. He said he found out “more than you can imagine” and will be putting his findings into a report. The counter-report in response to the Mueller investigation Giuliani said he was working on never happened. While in Ukraine, Giuliani had to rely on apps for translation as the associates normally handling that task for him are currently under criminal indictment.
  • Giuliani claims Viktor Shokin has evidence that the Bidens were laundering money and that Shokin was twice poisoned to death and brought back to life. Shokin was fired for corruption with nearly every western democracy supporting his removal. None of what Giuliani is claiming is true.
  • In an interview, Giuliani said he needed to get Ambassador Yovanovitch “out of the way” because “she was going to make investigations difficult for everyone.” Republicans have argued her firing was not related to the investigations Trump requested. Giuliani tonight contradicted himself and said he didn’t need her out of the way. He then accused her of perjury. He’s lying.
  • To sum up, the president is illegally not reporting the activities of his personal lawyer who spent the last week in Ukraine attempting to dig up dirt on Joe Biden as the president is being impeached for asking Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. In doing this, Giuliani is meeting with corrupt political figures and people connected to the Russian mafia. The Republican Party is currently arguing there is nothing wrong or even unusual with any of this.

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