Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 12/10/19

  • Democrats in the House have drafted two articles of impeachment. Philip Bump’s analysis is so good I’m not doing my own here. You can read his annotated copy of the articles here and his analysis here.
  • Prosecutors in the case against Rick Gates, who worked on the Trump campaign, are recommending zero prison time due to his extensive cooperation. They note that he was pressured to not cooperate and even offered payment to remain silent. We do not know who made these offers.
  • Trump lashed out at FBI director Christopher Wray after Wray accurately pointed out there were no political biases involved in starting the Russia investigation and that the investigation had sufficient cause. Attorney General Barr has publicly attacked the Inspector General report making these conclusions. This follows the Republican response to the IG report which is to simply lie about it.
  • Trump, who claims to be incredibly concerned about corruption, has now paid the $2 million fine for his corrupt charity. That’s not to be confused with the settlement he had to pay for his corrupt university.

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