Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 12/9/19 (and catching up on the weekend)

  • Thomas Hofeller was a GOP strategist specializing in gerrymandering. When he died, his daughter found files detailing an extensive strategy of drawing congressional maps explicitly for the purpose of disenfranchising minorities to help Republicans. His daughter said she would be releasing ALL of her father’s files on the matter but has not published them as of yet. Stay tuned.
  • Fulfilling statements reported earlier, Trump brought two of the war criminals he pardoned on stage at a campaign rally. Clint Lorance ordered his men to open fire on three civilians. His own men testified against him. Lorance was convicted of second-degree murder. Matthew Golsteyn murdered a man who had just been released by the United States in Afghanistan. He then burnt the body. Trump pardoned him before a conviction.
  • The Inspector General report on the Russian investigation has been released. It shatters multiple arguments made by the president and Republicans. The Carter Page FISA warrant was valid. No one spied on the Trump campaign. Paul Manafort was under investigation for money laundering regarding his work in Ukraine months before he even joined the Trump campaign. The Steele Dossier had nothing to do with opening the Russia investigation. Republicans, including the president, have largely responded to the release of the report by simply lying about what it says. The report does detail several procedural issues, but none of them were politically driven and the investigation was not predicated on any of them.
  • A spokesman for the Trump campaign complained that Joe Biden, while vice-president, was not following President Trump’s foreign policy. The president retweeted her. Katrina Pierson has shown problems with time in the past as she blamed the US invasion of Afghanistan on Barack Obama as well as blaming him for the death of a soldier who died years before he took office.

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