Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 12/2/19

I hope those who observe Thanksgiving had a great day and your football team played better than mine. This was one of the busiest news days since I started this blog so let’s dive in.

  • The White House is declining to participate in the impeachment hearings taking place in the House Judiciary Committee this week. This is not surprising but it eliminates yet another Republican talking point – that the president has not been allowed to present evidence.
  • Trump said Zelensky announced that Trump did nothing wrong. This is another lie. Zelensky explicitly talked about the harm caused by withholding aid to an ally.
  • Mike Pompeo said in a speech today that Obama had chosen Iran to be the US’s primary security partner in the Middle East. This is a blatant lie.
  • The Republicans have prepared a counter-report regarding impeachment. Their arguments have not changed are are still nonsensical or easily countered. They claim this is about Trump rooting out corruption but no one has been able to provide a single instance of Trump looking into foreign corruption aside from the Biden investigation he wanted announced. It also makes no sense to believe that the Ukrainian government is extremely corrupt while simultaneously trusting them to investigate an American citizen. Philip Bump did an excellent breakdown here.
  • A large number of Mueller notes were released after a FOIA request. Michael Cohen told investigators the president’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow, instructed him not to divulge all of the information regarding the Trump Tower Moscow project. Hope Hicks told them Jared Kushner brought Trump an envelope concerning the meeting at Trump Tower with Russian operatives. As he began to open it, Trump told him he didn’t want to know about it.


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