Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 11/27/19

  • Giuliani told the Ukrainians they needed a lobbyist in order to secure a meeting with William Barr. Giuliani suggested himself and a contract was drawn for him to act as a lobbyist and help the Ukrainian government recover assets.
  • Don McGahn lost his court case this week regarding being required to testify to Congress. The government appealed and a hearing will not take place until January. The Trump administration knows they are going to lose the cases over administration members testifying, but the goal is to delay long enough so that the impeachment process has already concluded.
  • The phone call Sondland recounted during his testimony where Trump said “No quid pro quo” does not appear to have taken place. A blogger/podcaster first noticed this discrepancy shortly after Sondland’s testimony. Sondland had to amend his testimony twice to avoid a perjury charge. It appears he may have to do so a third time.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who observe it! I won’t be publishing tomorrow assuming a slow news day.


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