Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 11/12/19

  • The parents of a British man killed by the wife of a US diplomat say they were offered a payoff by the president. The woman who killed their son in a car accident used the cover of diplomatic immunity to flee the UK for the US.
  • Trump wanted to fire the inspector general who elevated the whistleblower report after determining it was credible and urgent. He felt the IG, who is supposed to be independent, wasn’t being loyal to him.

Open impeachment hearings start in the morning. Multiple witnesses will be corroborating that military aid to Ukraine, among other diplomatic items, was withheld contingent on Ukraine announcing investigations into Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden. Rudy Giuliani was orchestrating these efforts outside the overview of the government and while working with now indicted associates. Those investigations are based in conspiracy theories that conveniently remove culpability for the DNC hack from Russia and place it on Ukraine.

The president was using funding from the US government to extort an important ally into helping him in his re-election efforts.


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