Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 11/6/19 (and then some)

Sorry for the lack of updates – real life has been a beast here.

  • The company run by the indicted Ukrainian-American Lev Parnas paid Giuliani $500,000 despite not appearing to have any income whatsoever.
  • After National Security Council lawyer John Eisenberg moved Trump’s Ukraine call to an extremely secret server, he instructed Alexander Vindman, the NSC’s director for Ukraine, not to tell anyone about the call. Eisenberg was among a large group that defied a subpoena this week.
  • In a speech, the president said that Turkey and Syria have been fighting for a thousand years, but at least “we took the oil.” It’s not clear what he’s referring to, but numerous times on the campaign trail he said we should take the oil from the countries in the Middle East we invade. Doing that would explicitly be a war crime under the Geneva Convention.
  • The day after Trump said he uses steel in the wall since it can’t be cut through (no new sections have been built), a report came out detailing immigrants cutting through the wall.
  • The Trump administration claimed only 1488 children had been separated at the border. This number raised suspicion due to the association of 14 and 88 with neo-Nazism. The actual number is now at 5,460. Hundreds of those were under the age of 5.
  • Trump continued his baseless attacks on Vindman and said he’d be revealing evidence “real soon” that Vindman is a “never-Trumper.” They’ve attacked nearly everyone who has testified so far as being politically motivated, without evidence in nearly all cases.
  • The Trump campaign has held over a dozen contests to have a meal with him at events. It does not appear this has ever taken place. The Daily Caller found 2 winners who want to an event, but neither shared a meal with the president which their contest promised.
  • The underlying documents behind the Mueller report are being released. In the first group we found out Cohen said Trump Jr. mentioned “a meeting to get dirt on Clinton” among other things.
  • Trump asked Barr to publicly state that Trump broke no laws in his Ukrainian call. Trump has made similar requests to Comey and Sessions as he views the legal apparatus of the United States as serving his personal interests.
  • Taylor testified that a meeting about Ukraine was difficult to schedule in part because the National Security Council was dealing with the fallout from Trump saying he wanted to buy Greenland from Denmark.