Trump Daily 10/30/19

  • The parents of the man killed by the wife of a US diplomat are planning to file a lawsuit against the Trump administration. After an American killed their son in an accident, Trump invited them to the White House and “surprised” them by letting them know the woman who killed their son was in the building and they should meet for a photo op.
  • Christopher Anderson, former assistant to the special envoy to Ukraine, is set to testify tomorrow. Catherine Croft, who took over the same role, will also testify. Anderson will be testifying about his concerns with Giuliani’s involvement in Ukraine. Croft will be testifying that former Republican congressman Robert Livingston was pressuring her to help get rid of US ambassador Marie Yovanovich. Livingston is a registered agent acting on behalf of Ukrainian business interests.
  • Anderson’s opening statement recalls an incident last year where Russia attacked several Ukrainian naval vessels then took their crews captive. A statement was drafted condemning Russia kidnapping the Ukrainian sailors. The White House blocked its release.
  • John Sullivan is Deputy Secretary of State and Trump’s nominee to be ambassador to Russia. During his Senate confirmation hearing today, Sullivan brought up that he was aware of Giuliani’s efforts to have ambassador Yovanovich removed, said that directives to State Department employees to not testify came from the White House, and said he’s unaware of any other country being asked to work with Giuliani aside from Ukraine.
  • Alexander Vindman’s testimony yesterday revealed that Kash Patel, a former Devin Nunes assistant now on the National Security Council, represented himself as being the NSC’s Ukraine expert when he had no experience in the matter. (That is Vindman’s position.) Vindman should have debriefed Trump on Zelensky’s inauguration but instead Patel did so. Patel appears to be the source feeding Trump the baseless conspiracy theory that Ukraine was involved in the 2016 DNC hack.
  • Vindman also testified that Ukrainian military aid and a White House visit were both contingent on Ukraine investigating the Bidens, Burisma, and CrowdStrike. CrowdStrike is the company which investigated the DNC hack. Conspiracy theorists claim CrowdStrike discovered the Russians did not hack the DNC, that Seth Rich leaked the DNC emails, and that CrowdStrike hid a “missing” DNC server in Ukraine. These claims are all easily disproven.
  • John Bolton and two NSC lawyers have been asked to testify. Vindman testified that shortly after he raised concerns about the Ukraine call, John Eisenberg, one of the aforementioned NSC lawyers, had the readout of the call moved to a highly secured server. This was highly unusual and likely done to prevent information from the call from coming out as it is damaging to the president.

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