Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 10/29/19

  • Alex Vindman, a White House aide serving on the National Security Council, testified for over 10 hours today. He mentioned that he twice reported concerns about Trump’s Ukraine phone call (which he listened in on) to superiors.
  • Vindman’s testimony contradicts statements made by Rick Perry regarding his knowledge of the efforts to get Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. These statements were not under oath, so there are no possible legal consequences, but it appears Perry has been lying about the Ukraine scandal.
  • Trump and the Republicans have referred to the memo of his Ukraine call as a “transcript.” It is not. It’s a summary. Vindman testified today that the summary was inaccurate and he attempted to correct several omissions regarding discussing investigating the Bidens. He was overruled.
  • Ambassador Sondland has revised his testimony to congress. He previously said he wasn’t aware of any quid pro quo regarding Ukraine. He now says he was. Multiple witnesses contradicted Sondland and he may have been facing perjury charges.
  • Michael Flynn is now claiming he is innocent of the charges he pleaded guilty to and his case should be dismissed due to proprietorial misconduct. If this action nullifies his plea agreement, Flynn could be facing a slew of new charges.
  • In a court filing, the House has affirmed that the Mueller report is still an ongoing part of the impeachment proceedings. Ukrainian and Russian businessmen mentioned by Mueller are connected to the current Ukraine scandal.
  • The Department of Homeland Security has been without a director for 8 months now. Trump has not been able to find someone who will carry out his immigration policies that can clear Senate confirmation. He may be taking steps now to exploit a loophole in the Vacancies Act to get a director who isn’t confirmed by the Senate.

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