Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 10/22/19

FYI, for those who aren’t connected to me on Facebook, I’ll be skipping a daily digest on days I deem to be too slow to warrant one. But we’re back!

  • The president tweeted that the impeachment investigation into him was a lynching. Several people pointed out prominent Democrats, including Biden and Nadler, saying the Clinton impeachment was also a lynching. I’m off the stance both are awful disgusting comparisons. Lynchings were vile extra-judicial murders largely targeted by race. Impeachment is an explicit legal action, race-blind, and without any deaths.
  • Barr and Durham at DoJ are targeting John Brennan as part of a baseless conspiracy theory that the CIA was trying to infiltrate the Trump campaign before the election. The idea is that the Obama government was falsely targeting Trump, manufacturing dirt, and then undermining his election by… not doing anything at all with said dirt. It doesn’t make any logical sense. The president has promoted it several times.
  • Shah Zuberi just agreed to plea guilty to multiple charges including not registering as a foreign agent, tax evasion, and illegal campaign contributions. Zuberi gave $900,000 to Trump’s inaugural. (His crimes began during the Obama administration.) Zuberi was in contact with Michael Cohen, Trump’s convicted felon lawyer, about gaining access during the inauguration.
  • Senator Klobuchar revealed evidence that DoJ hid the whisteblower complaint from the FEC even though it should have been referred to them as a potential campaign finance violation.
  • The investigation targeting Rudy Giuliani involving the two men who were arrested last week crosses paths with another case in Chicago where Dimitri Firtash is being investigated. Firtash is a Ukrainian oligarch connected to the Russian mafia. Firtash is involved in the current Ukraine/Giulani scandal. Giulani said he looked into getting dirt on Biden with as many as 20 Ukrainian oligarchs.
  • Bill Taylor, US special envoy to Ukraine, testified for over ten hours today. Taylor previously entered the news when the House released text messages between Taylor and Gordon Sondland, US EU ambassador. In the texts, Taylor was memorializing that Trump wanted an investigation from Ukraine in exchange for military aid. Today he testified about that demand, directly contradicting Sondland’s earlier testimony. Some congressmen have warned that Sondland may be charged with perjury. Taylor took contemporaneous notes and sent a cable to Mike Pompeo about withholding Ukrainian aid. That cable is presumably among the documents the State Department is now refusing to turn over, defying a congressional subpoena.