Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 10/16/2019

HUGE news day today. I don’t recall many like it.

  • The investigation into Rudy Giuliani now includes a counterintelligence investigation. Per Asha Rangappa, this means the investigators believe Giuliani may be a national security risk.
  • Fiona Hill’s testimony included that Gordon Sondland, the ambassador to the EU was a national security risk due to his incompetence.
  • We recently learned that Rudy was pressuring Trump to end the investigation into one of Giuliani’s business associates involved in Turkey. We now know that Trump tried to get the Department of Justice to back off of prosecuting a Turkish bank at Erdogan’s request. Zarrab, the man Rudy was assisting is related to the new charges against Halkbank, the bank Erdogan wanted to escape prosecution.
  • We learned of this letter which I won’t dare summarize.
  • In a meeting with congressional leadership about Syria, Trump said Mattis was the world’s most overrated general and not tough enough. Trump then took credit for personally capturing Isis “in one month.”
  • Trump ambushed a British couple whose son was killed by the wife of a US diplomat. They were invited to the White House where they learned that the woman who killed their son was in the building and the president pressured them to meet her in front of the cameras for a photo op. The US is invoking diplomatic immunity so the woman can avoid any responsibility for the accident.
  • In a press conference with the president of Italy Trump said the PKK (Turkish Kurds) were worse terrorists than ISIS, that Italy was involved in working against him during the election, that the US was out of ammo when he took office, that Google and Facebook cost him millions of votes, and that Obama was involved in the 2016 election corruption. (The threading on that link appears to be broken. This is all from Daniel’s feed.)
  • Propublica obtained tax documents from the Trump Organization confirming that Trump would over-report assets to banks while under-reporting them to the government. Simply, they kept two sets of books to commit fraud both against banks and against the government.
  • Trump said that Russia’s involvement in Afghanistan meant they had to do “a very big downsizing” and are now called Russia. Trump has frequently shown that he has no understanding of the breakup of the USSR and believes they chose to change names as part of a rebranding.
  • The US military in Syria bombed one of our own anti-ISIS headquarters after abandoning it as Turkish forces were approaching it. Russian troops earlier took over a US base and posted video of themselves searching the base, mocking the US military.

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