Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 10/10/19

  • Two men associated with Giuliani and Trump were arrested on campaign finance charges. It’s been a mystery who was paying Giuliani to dig up dirt on the Bidens. These men say they paid Giuliani hundreds of thousands of dollars for Ukrainian work. They funneled foreign money to US politicians in order to assist removing the US ambassador to Ukraine as she refused to cooperate. They succeeded and she will soon be testifying to the House. The arrested men are also associated with Dimitri Firtash, a Ukrainian oligarch tied to Putin.
  • The PAC they funneled money through is run by Linda McMahon, a former Trump cabinet member. They’ve also met with Donald Trump Jr.
  • Rick Perry was served a subpoena for all documents related to Giulani’s activites in Ukraine in addition to the men who were arrested last night.
  • The UN security council took a vote on Turkey’s invasion of Syria. The United States and Russia were the only two countries voting AGAINST condemning Turkey.