Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 10/9/2019

  • Trump continued to insist Adam Schiff should be impeached and said he committed fraud when he paraphrased his Ukraine call. Congressmen cannot be impeached and everything Schiff said was accurate.
  • A new book contains accounts from TWENTY SIX more women alleging inappropriate actions, including sexual assault, by the president.
  • A contemporaneous memo from the Ukraine whistleblower was released. It verifies the whistle-blower’s accurate account of the Ukraine call. Trump and the Republicans have continually said the whistle-blower’s report isn’t accurate, but they’re unable to point to any specific discrepancies as all the details align with the White House account of the call.
  • Trump implied it was ok to betray the Kurds because they did not participate in the D-Day invasion during World War 2. Syria is roughly 2700 miles from Normandy. The entire Nazi army stood between the two regions.
  • Trump said that if ISIS prisoners are released due to his capitulation to Turkey, he isn’t worried as they’ll go to European countries.
  • Trump pointed out that if ISIS prisoners are released in Turkey, we have removed 2 of them. There are over 12,000 ISIS prisoners in Syria who are now at risk of being released into the world. The 2 we moved make up 0.016% of them.