Trump Daily 10/2/19


  • Trump for the 4th day in a row said Adam Schiff committed treason when paraphrasing Trump’s Ukrainian phone call. This isn’t treason. It wasn’t a crime. What Schiff said was not an exact quote or claiming to be one. It was accurate.
  • Trump called the impeachment investigation “BULLSHIT” then gave out a false number of how many electoral votes Clinton received. He nearly always lowers the number when citing it.

  • Trump said the whistleblower claimed he used the phrase “quid pro quo” eight times on the call. This is a lie. The whistleblower report says nothing of the sort.

  • Trump said he passed the Veterans’ Choice program. This is a frequently repeated lie of his. Trump expanded it but the program was signed into law by Barack Obama.

  • Trump said it was corrupt for a whistleblower to meet with congressional staff. It’s commonplace. There are instructions for how the process works on the House website.

  • Trump threatened to sue over the Mueller investigation. He frequently threatens lawsuits which would be laughed out of court without ever filing them.

  • Rudy Giuliani fraudulently added White House logos to documents smearing Marie Yovanovitch, the former ambassador to Ukraine. Giuliani then gave these documents to the Department of State. In Trump’s phone call with Ukraine he said that Yovanovitch would “be going through some things.”

  • Giuliani has been coordinating with Paul Manafort on digging up Ukrainian dirt WHILE Manafort is in prison. Manafort is an expert in Ukrainian corruption as he was deeply involved in creating it. Manafort worked for Viktor Yanukovych who has been found guilty of treason. Manafort was instrumental in a smear campaign against Yanukovych’s political opponent Yulia Tymoshenko which led to her false imprisonment for three years.


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