Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 10/1/19

To sum up today:

  • We found out the president wanted to murder people approaching the southern border. When informed this was illegal, he asked if we could shoot them in the legs to slow them down.
  • He also asked about adding a moat to the border filled with alligators and snakes. He asked his aides to get a cost estimate for this modification. (Someone has submitted a FOIA request for those documents.)
  • Trump accused the Democrats of a coup because they are investigating them.
  • Trump accused Adam Schiff of a crime for the third day in a row because Schiff accurately paraphrased his Ukrainian call. (Congressmen speaking from the floor have a legal protection from a document called The Constitution.)
  • Pompeo pushed back against state department employees cooperating with the investigation. The House responded that Pompeo has no legal authority to prevent them from testifying and any such actions would be viewed as acts of obstruction. (This is legally sound.)
  • The State Department IG informed congress he has urgent information for them and needs to give it to them TOMORROW. It’s related to Ukraine but we otherwise do not know what information he has.
  • Michael Flynn’s lawyer asked the Justice Department to completely drop the case despite the small issue of Flynn’s guilty plea.